Summertime or Fall? - What did you do today?

Piegu Beach - Val André
The weather was so summery today that I went crazy... This morning, Pléneuf (our village). This afternoon, Val André, its very posh sea resort.

The beach looks deserted. Well, all the children are back to school. Their parents are working. The tourists are gone.

I took a long walk... and many, many pictures. I very rarely go down to Val André. As I said, it's very posh and quite congested in August. The right kind of people. Val André and Pléneuf don't mix. We are from Pléneuf so we keep to our Vallées beach, much less sophisticated.

I was taking a long walk because I wanted to take pictures of an old hotel which will be pulled down in October. I feel sorry because I do not like to see things change too much and they are bound to replace it with something outrageously modern, I'm sure.

Before getting to the hotel, I took a lot of pictures of the sea resort itself. It's very nice. Old houses from the 1900s. Val André is a charming place. It's posh but charming in an old-fashioned way.

There will be a blog about Pléneuf and Val André, I promise. Pretty soon!

While I was walking and taking pictures, I started noticing people. I'm not too much into taking pictures of strangers but today was different. Not many people on the beach even though it was one of the warmest days since June. Interesting people though... I couldn't resist.

You'd think this guy is just sitting on the beach and admiring the Verdelet... Well not exactly. He belongs to the fishermen tribe.

I saw quite a few today.

Some of them are wearing shorts while others knowing Fall is coming have decided to wear the whole gear. You never know in Brittany.

Then there is this man dancing like mad on the beach... New Chinese exercises?

Until I find out he is flying a kite... probably stolen or borrowed from one of his grandchildren.

People walking - lots of them...
Some above the beach on the promenade.

Others on the sand or in the sea...

Some went to warmer places this summer and they have to flaunt their tan.

There are people pretty sure it really is summertime and others thinking: 'Today is the first day of Fall, isn't it?' Bathing suit and/or sweater? Stop making fun of her!

Bathing suit after all. Let's go swimming. The sea is not really warm but some people are brave or crazy.

In Brittany, would a beach be a beach without a parasol to protect you from... the wind and people playing bowls on dry sand.

There he is again, our angler (and undecided tourists. Summer or Fall again?) The man doesn't care. He's smoking a cigarette while waiting for fish he'll never catch after all. Who cares? The sun is shining and it's warm out there.

It was such a nice day after all, wasn't it, dear?

*Good Night, and Good Luck*


Myrna said...

Josie loves the sea so much, she goes in the water during any season. She has done the Pacific Ocean (at San Diego)in January and February, and whatever ocean it is south of Australia in June, so winter time, on the stormiest day of our stay in Australia. She took off her coat and rolled up her pants, and in the water she went. Couldn't resist!

Nancy said...

We've been having similar weather here. We're back in shorts and t-shirts! I love it!