Still alive!

Maybe some of you, my sweet followers, have noticed I have quit being talkative these days.

Maybe you did not notice and that's ok too!

I'm back to Brussels, trying to settle back into a house that has been badly flooded a year ago. (Not our fault!) The refurbishing is not even completely over now but Popeye and I, we felt it was time to start clearing our stuff, cleaning things, sorting things, etc.

Our life has also been a little bit complicated with the discovery of abestos.

Well, so I'm back full time now... and from early morning till late at night, I work, work and work... I'm not doing a single thing I love to do. It's getting really frustrating.

It's not boring because it's kind of fun to rediscover our belongings especially in places where you'd never ever think they would be but it is exhausting. Caved in ceilings and other niceties do create a lot of dust.

One thing I start realizing all too well now is that in Brussels at the beginning of last century (our house is that old), they used scoria from the coal mines to make some sort of cement they applied on the brick walls inside the house. (Very thrifty Belgians.)

So what I don't get in my lungs because I don't smoke, I'm getting it now from a house I don't even own. (And please, let's not think about abestos.)

Right now, no time at all to take pictures and/or to write stories... I'm sure this nightmare will end one of these days and since I'm keeping my mind working (yes, it's possible to sort and clean and think at the same time - at least, I can do it), there will be stories coming up soon...

I shall overcome!

*Good Night, and Good Luck*


Myrna said...

I have been worried about you, and am glad you wrote. Sorry for the mess you are having to clean up; wish I was close enough to help.

Nancy said...

Thanks for "stopping by." :) I'm always happy to hear from you! Good luck with the mess...