A bad IHC (I Hate Christmas) crisis

My many distressing symptoms have finally been diagnosed as a bad bout of SAD.

Good. No cancer this time. Simply SAD. SAD as in SADness... Almost.

You see, it is Christmas time... I hate Christmas.

I did not always hate Christmas. I even have very good and cherished memories of Past Christmases.

Some dating back to the time when I was living in Canada and the States and we’d go carolling to resthomes and we’d bring food to families who were badly off. There was such a very warm Christmassy feeling of sharing.

There also were Christmases with a young child, then Christmases with a much older child and friends whose life was lonely and forlorn. Great Christmases filled with love.

I just read a blog about Christmas written by someone I love. It was filled with melancholy. Just like a mirror to my feelings. Except that the writer did not go as far as saying that she hates Christmas because she does not. And good for her!

I hate Christmas.

You see, I’ve been travelling back and forth from Brussels to Paris. Big cities are harsh places to be at Christmas time. You’d think that lights and Christmas trees sagging beneath golden decorations would fill anyone with joy and happiness.

They don’t. At least not me.

Every time those lights are on, I start feeling worse.

The lights are beautiful but where is the feeling of ‘Christmas’ in cities like Paris and Brussels? The lights are sparkling and they conceal what is so evident during daytime. The homeless shivering below the subway underpass, the jobless who is getting more and more desperate, the lonely old woman on the third floor of the building, the neglected children next door.

At Christmas, we want lights and rich food and merriment and GIFTS.

There is this festive atmosphere everywhere. Festive? Shopping-friendly atmosphere, let’s say. The stores are crowded. People buying and buying. Ok, buying helps the economy. It may even create jobs (temp).

But isn’t it wrong though when people ask: ‘What do you want for Christmas?’

‘What do I want for Christmas?’ Well, a lot of things, but not necessarily for Christmas. A lot of things, but not necessarily material. And maybe not those many things after all.

A friend of mine with whom I share cancer (and now recovery on its way) wrote a very interesting thing the other day. People, she said, have so many/too many wishes whereas sick people have only one: Life.

She is so right.

Do I really hate Christmas? All right, maybe not this much after all.

Life is life and seasons are seasons. So rejoice, people.

It’s Christmas. Our nights are already shorter and the days are getting longer. We are on our way to Spring! That’s it!

Would I love Christmas if I was living in the Southern Hemisphere?

Merry Christmas to all of you!

*Good Night, and Good Luck*


Nancy said...

Merry Christmas, regardless. I do wish that there was more sharing and caring that I could see; perhaps it is a call to duty—perhaps I need to do more of the sharing and caring.

Too bad we're both so SAD.

I love you!

Myrna said...

Make that three of us! The only thing that excites me about Dec. 25, really, is that Dec. 21 comes first, so that means longer days ahead and more hours of sunshine.

Another thing that makes me happy is that our ward always does a service project for Christmas. This year we are gathering supplies (towels, diapers and sets of dishes) for a women's shelter. It feels good to be a part of that.

And I love you, too, Marie. I am glad you have happy memories from your time here. My parents were very good at looking out for others at Christmas time. I am happy to have been raised with that example.

Layla said...

I hate Christmas to! I LOATH IT!