Let's have a little bit of fun in a harsh world. All about IMZU

My schedule - Yes I know, quite empty!

It all started this morning.

You see, when I am ready to start a new day, I turn my computer on.

I usually start with downloading the two newspapers I subscribe to. I read them more or less thoroughly.

Then I turn to Facebook for a few minutes just in case something amazing has happened during the night.

(This is my winter schedule of course.)

Nowadays I tend to skip Facebook and go right to AlJazeera.

This morning, on Facebook, my friend Niruj had posted pictures on his page. So amazing from Niruj, I mean!

His friends had started commenting the pictures. Actually not the pictures...

They all were mulling over the meaning of ‘IMZU’.

Some claimed it had to be the name of a girl... Others maintained it meant: ‘I Miss You.’

The wall was enclosing a girls’ high school. Ah, ah. Interesting.

Funny how otherwise very busy and bright people can start such a buzz about something written on a wall!

Then I got a message from Niruj. What about writing a story about this girl IMZU? Because this had to be a girl’s name.

After spending the whole day or so on the Net worrying about the Egyptian people (as if I could change anything about their future. I am no 'deus ex machina' for goodness sake), I realized it was getting late and I needed to do some food shopping since Popeye is back home...

Why am I talking about my shopping when the whole thing is about IMZU? ‘So simple, my dear Watson,’ said Sherlock Holmes.

To go shopping, I need to walk to the store and while I’m walking, I’m thinking about hundreds of things. And today I started thinking about IMZU.

There we are! Aren’t you glad?


Only a boy could have written such a message. Writing messages on walls? Not girlie unless you prove me wrong. Girls tend to send devious messages through mutual friends to boys they like and have hurt. I can’t imagine a girl getting a bucket filled with black paint, etc.

Besides this was written on a girls’ high school wall.

What about this mysterious Imzu? A girl from the school. Of course.

I googled the name because Imzu looked very strange. Of course, this was happening in India. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Niruj is my Indian friend. So I googled Imzu and I always got the same answer... ‘Check Imvu.’

I wanted ‘Imzu’, dumb Google friends. Well, I ended up finding some IMZU - possible acronym for ‘Initiative MutiKulturelles Zentrum Ulm’. Thank you, Niruj for sending me on such a wild chase .

Let’s make the story short then.

Once upon a time, there was a very hansome boy living in a small town in India. He looked like Shahrukh Khan, of course. He was in love with a very beautiful girl who went to high school in their neighborhood where he was  already working as a house painter.

Unluckily for both of them but lucky for us since the story will be short, she belonged to a much upper class than his. She decided not to run away with him even though he had made a beautiful job in painting her father’s house.

He was so upset that he did run away with a childhood friend. As soon as they got to the nearby city, he realized this could never ever happen. And he came back home.

By then he was the talk of the town. Imagine him coming back. His beautiful girlfriend did not even want to look at him anymore.

All that was left to him was to write messages on the wall of the girl’s high school. (He was so poor he didn’t even own a phone and couldn’t text her love messages.)

The wall was there. He got some paint and started to write. In a hurry or maybe he did not know how to spell very well...

So he wrote with his heart bursting with despair:

‘I miss you
I am sorry Please’

which became... ‘IMZU I M SOrrY PlZ’

Niruj came along and found the message to... Imzu. Well, my dear Niruj, I’m so sorry for you but you’ll never get to know the girl’s name. I know that you are quite inquisitive and that you’ll feel bad for a while. But it will wear off. After all, you are going to be busy for a few months now!

IMZU just means ‘I miss you’, mispelled of course but the boy is not extremely educated.

How do I know about IMZU?

Well, last week, the kid came home to whitewash my walls. He did a good job. He looked so sad that I asked him why.

He told me his story.

Which in turn, I have to tell because you know I am THE STORYTELLER.

*Good Luck, and Good Night*


Strawberry Girl said...

This is terrific! Hoped on over from "The Grass is Greener," I'm glad I did or I would have missed this funny little bit of imaginative writing... ;)

Myrna said...

I love it, Marie! Merci!

Mammodouy's Stories said...

Thanx a lot. What a nice way to end a dreary day!
You know what... I wish I knew the girl's real name!

Layla said...

Completely made me smile! Thanks for sharing :)