I am back and on my way. But somehow 2011 slipped away...

In 2011, mankind went through high hopes and despair, revolutions and repression, peace and wars, disasters of all kinds.

I spent most of the year glued to the news before truly realizing that I had no power whatsoever over things and I guess this is how I finally became a grown-up. Sad, I know. Sensible... I hate being sensible.

In our inner circle, things went crazy from time to time, oscillating between pure bliss and grief, grief and pure bliss or mere happiness which is so wonderful to start with.

This year, we attended one wedding and two funerals. Three babies were born not too long ago and three are to come in 2012 and they do count in my statistics because they all were conceived in 2011.

Oh and yes, Swee’ Pea’s dear old cat died. Our Byerly.

Going to a wedding was pure bliss...

This year, the Ankou was not idle around Les Tertres. I hate funerals. I hate goodbyes.

The babies are yet to be met. Twins (one girl, Victoire and one boy, Titouan) and another baby girl, Sofia. They are beautiful, of course. Have you ever seen an ugly baby?

My life took a new turn, this year. I have been feeling good enough to start travelling.

For those past 8 years, going away meant going to Les Tertres, which was not bad, not bad at all... I always felt so happy there that I never thought I’d go somewhere else. I did dream of travelling to far and distant lands though... You can’t help dreaming about going round the world when you spend most of your life watching the sea from your home.

Well, you are going to laugh... I have not been round the world yet but I did leave Les Tertres...

Madrid, Barcelona (Spain), my old village down South (Southern France) and Carcassonne and many places long forgotten, then Montreal - Quite amazing... Three days in Montreal for our dear Marc-Antoine and Marie-Claude’s wedding... Three days - Paris/Montreal/Paris and I survived. I loved it!

Then last but not least, five wonderful days in Venezia, Italy. We got there very early on the 30th of December 2011 and left very late on the 3rd of January 2012. What a wonderful transition!

The future is promising! Watch out, a very adventurous Olive is on her way and nothing will restrain her.

Next stop? Probably India... Or the Galapagos... Or Rome... Or New York... Any idea?

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I do hope that we will run into each other one of these days.

«Hi. I’m Olive. Je m’appelle Olive. Me llamo Olive. Mi chiamo Olive...» Ok... there still is talking with my hands and I am pretty good at talking anyway.

Remember? I am the «Storyteller».
Oops. Guess I'll have to resume my storytelling too!

*Good Luck, and Good Night*

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