I kept looking for them but...

My two encounters with those birds on the deserted beach really moved me deeply. I can hear what you are thinking. Herring gulls! Herring gulls, for goodness sake!

I know, I know.

Tonight I was busy sorting pictures and I found this short video... which I’d like to share with you. Because it really was a sweet moment in my life. A puzzling moment too.

I’ll never know what has happened to them because I have not seen them again. Ever. I keep looking and looking for them. They were quite easy to spot.

They disappeared purely and simply.

The tide is becoming stronger and stronger. Not one of the strongest spring tide though. But each high tide sweeps out the beach and whatever is on it. If the youngest one died, its body has been washed away.

And I won't be able to find the oldest one. Herring gulls do look alike. Right now on the beach, there are hundreds of gulls... From “first winter” youngsters to full-blown adults.

And anyway... does it really matter?

They helped change my mind about a species that I did not like very much.

That made all the difference.

Opening my eyes, mind and heart...

Don’t we need moments like those in our lives from time to time?

I do.

*Good Luck, and Good Night*

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Myrna said...

I never cared much for gophers, until one day when I was driving down the highway, and a gopher had been hit. It was lying in the path of cars, still wiggling around in pain. On the side of the road were four or five more gophers, clearly looking at and wishing they could get to their dying friend. Their body language and facial expressions made me so aware that they were loving, feeling creatures, who were suffering a great deal to see their fellow gopher's agony. I will never forget that moment, in which I grew to love and respect gophers.