Summer is over

Yesterday night I drove Popeye to Lamballe where he boarded a train, blew a kiss to me and left. Right now he is flying to a faraway place. Back to work!

Summer is already over. Oh I know it is not officially over but Brittany looks deserted already.

The stores are back to their low season schedule which means that most of them were closed this morning. School will start again tomorrow.

And the beach is empty, as empty as it can be.

And I am alone at Les Tertres. Until Friday night that is. Then I’ll drive to Lamballe to pick Popeye up and hopefully we’ll spend the week-end boating.

Our summer was a long one. A very busy but fun summer for a change.
Popeye managed to get away earlier than planned which was quite a godsend. Since this past year has been kind of endless and dreary and surprisingly trying.

Swee’Pea contrived to fly from South Africa and stayed with us much longer than we ever dreamt of even though he did work a lot while he was here. Which made his remark so hilarious: “Did you notice that Papa did not work at all this summer? Quite incredible, isn’t it?”

My pastel crayons were ready. And a bunch of silk paper for origamis. And tens of books on my Kindle. Just in case. Just in case our summer would turn out to be coldish and windy the way it’s been those past few years.

But the weather kept being surprisingly very summery and the sea very calm. We went boating a lot. Boating and wakeboarding and “wakesurfing” (a brand new activity I’ll have to blog about!).

We took long walks on the beach for a change while Swee’Pea was busy working. (He quit working whenever we went boating though mainly because... well, this is another story altogether.)

We had long talks just for a change and we mainly spent our evenings gazing at sunsets. We even did some stargazing, very late at night. Watching shooting stars... and such a beautiful Milky Way with almost no light pollution.

We had wonderful early morning breakfasts - the three of us together. Such an unbelievable feast! Freshly-squeezed orange juice, toasted farmhouse bread with slightly salted butter and marmalade. Talking and laughing. Laughing and talking while we were having the best breakfasts ever!

Well summer vacations have got to end somehow even though it is still quite warm and sunny outside.

Actually mine tend to end when my men go away, I guess. Well, this does not mean that I kind of withdraw into my shell... Life is too short not to be enjoyed fully, isn’t it?

As Popeye told me while he was driving on his way to the station: “Now is a good time for you to start working again!” 

Was I looking this dejected?

Well, I guess he's right. It is time to start working again.

*Good Luck, and Good Night*

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