And the dolphins kept fishing.

End of July, as soon as I got back from Great Britain (England, I should say), I made a resolution to write again, at least twice a week. At least!

And then it looked like I would make it. I was so happy. Of course, there were hundreds of pictures still to be sorted and you know how I start writing… No writer’s block if I have pictures to build my story around…

The pictures were all there on my external drive as well as on my computer. All I had to to was to find the best ones since a travel book needs good pictures…

So there I was, getting ready to spend our family holidays in Brittany writing steadily. I had other great and good intentions… like working on my new website (along with the webmaster I have finally hired before leaving to England), like taking long walks on the beach and swimming every day. Like integrating all the new photographic techniques I have learned while going to the Nikon School… (Integrating new techniques is a long and tenuous process for me!)

This was to be a short and busy summer. I did know that we’d have a busy and great social life too. But I was so sure I’d make it!

One month later, I am back to square one.

So there I am. Alone at Les Tertres. Back to England. And not quite there though. Because it is hard to start writing again: “My Travel Book - London - Day 3” or whatever. Because the world is upside down. Well, it’s been upside down for quite a long time. Was I this deaf and blind?

My anger is growing back. I get so angry nowadays it is frightening. I am not a politician, and happy not to be one, by the way. And I am feeling so useless and so powerless.

It’s been going on for years and years! So many people dying, even while they are trying to find a place where to live in peace, where to work and to survive with their families. And they are dying every day because of our lack of concern, our selfishness while living in our affluent western world (yes, we do live in a rather affluent world, Europeans and Americans alike).

They are dying every day because of our petty fears and bigotry… Christians because they are from Africa or the Middle East… Muslims because they are believed to be terrorists or worse… invaders. Actually, they are dying because of their difference. And we find thousands of noble reasons to justify our apathy…

Then a small boy died on a beach along with his mother and his brother (and along with more or less 4.000 people, this year) . But a photographer was there and took his picture…

Things are starting to happen now. The world suddenly learns that people want to survive no matter what. Even though a lot of people will tell you without flinching that they don’t care.

We really are a bunch of amnesiacs and schizophrenics, aren’t we? We cry about one picture. But do we remember why this child died on that beach? Do we really care about what happens in Syria or Irak or wherever there has been or is a war because of our own distant or recent western history? Where are the whys and wherefores?

Oh well, we are now bickering about economics and the number of people we might welcome into our countries. We don’t seem to see faces and real people. We worry about numbers. But have you noticed that nobody seems to be dying at sea anymore? Probably because we are too busy counting the living we’ll have to accept in our countries against our will (except for Germany, of course).

And then comes hatred and xenophobia, at its worst since World War II.

Oh well, I could carry on for days and nights.

The only thing that keeps me sane tonight is remembering the friendliness of the dolphins that swam along our boat, last week. Just being friendly. “Hello, humans. Forgive us for not lingering but we have to keep on fishing because our young need to be fed.”

Life must go on.

*Good Luck, and Good Night*

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Myrna said...

Yes. So well said. It is saddening and maddening, and one feels so helpless. Small things, though. We can all find small things to do--small donations to make, and maybe if enough people do a few small things, it can make a difference. I hope so.