All by myself in Paris - not quite, I'm with Byerly

Well, it's been one of these days. And it's an interesting night... with not much to do!

I'm all by myself in Swee'Pea's apartment in Paris.
It's getting quite late. Not many cars on the boulevard. But still enough of them to remind me I'm in Paris.

It's been raining all day long with strong winds and it's getting quite wintery (since it was very springy until two days ago...  you kind of forget summer and fall). All of a sudden, no leaves on the trees. People hurry by, holding broken umbrellas.

The homeless people under the elevated subway bridge have been huddling together for warmth, all day long. They are suddenly very quiet which somehow, I don't like at all.

So Swee'Pea's cat, Byerly, and I, we have also been cuddling up a lot today, feeling blue, I guess. But mostly kind of cold... I hate rainy days!

See how cold it's getting to be! End of November! Unbelievable! Byerly needs my reading lamp to get his beauty sleep.

Today, Swee'Pea called several times from Chile. Once before leaving La Serena and once when he got to the Observatory which is 'one of the most wonderful places in the world' (he should know by then).

Lucky us! (Byerly listens to Swee'Pea's calls too. When we talk on Skype, he tries to find his one and only love behind the computer screen.)

Popeye also called several times from Bulgaria, as soon as he got there from Rumania. Bulgaria is the only place in the world where they need a "chauffeur" except maybe China. It's not a very safe country. And then he called me in-between meetings. Did I sound this pathetic? Probably!

Well, something is happening to-night, at last! Byerly has found one of his old rubber balls! He just brought it to me, which means: 'Ok, ol' girl, let's play now. Let's have some fun!'

So let's play for a short while! Thank goodness there are cats in our lives...

*Good Night, and Good Luck*


Myrna said...

I like the name Byerly. Glad you have a feline friend for company! Our cats have been great friends for Josie when every one else is at work!

Mammodouy's Stories said...
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Karen said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. It's funny that you've been reading it because I've been reading yours, too, for a while now. I very much enjoy your stories and your views of life. I've been to Paris and would love to go again some day. It's great that JC is in Chile. I served a mission there! --Karen