The reason why we do not watch TV in Brittany

Why worry about a tv set?

As soon as we get to Les Tertres, we don't find much time to do anything else but to watch the magical scenery right in front us. Byerly has been there all his life but he still gets on top of his favorite observation post and is on watch all day long. Don't tell me he's looking for birds or rabbits.

Low tide, high tide. Every six hours, the scenery changes. Windy skies, moving clouds. Sunny weather, fine drizzle, mists... The weather changes all the time and so do the delicate sea colors, from grey to green and deep pacific blue. The sand turns golden and seconds later, it's almost dark grey.

Amazing place.

Then there is Le Verdelet, this small island almost in front of our house. I've been taking pictures for over 30 years now and none of them are the same. Magical place.

July 29th - We just got home.

July 30 - Waking up
July 31 - A very fleeting ray of sun over the garden

July 31 - A few minutes later
August 1 - Today around 2 p.m.

 (You'll find more pictures at 'Les Tertres'. )

Who needs to watch tv? I don't.

*'Good night, and good luck'*

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Myrna said...

Like I said before, so fortunate! An amazing place!