He was black. He was handsome and sleek. He was our cat.

We are heartbroken. Our gallant cat, Byerly, lost his last battle on Friday night.

We knew he wasn't feeling well but the end came much faster than we expected.

Two DVTs and we decided enough was enough. We loved him too much to see him suffer so much.

He died peacefully while we were petting him and talking to him. The young vet who put him to sleep had no idea who she was meeting for the first and last time. We wish she had but she was very kind and nice anyway.

I don't want to sound too emotional but I hope there is some kind of heaven for cats and dogs where Byerly will enjoy fooling around forever with Branwen, his mother dog and Sara, his birdbrained white 'sister' cat. And even more, I hope he'll get to be a sheepcat forever because this really was his life.

Of course, we are having him cremated and we'll scatter his ashes in his favourite field at Les Tertres.

He was brilliant and lovable. We loved him so much. We'll just have to try to forget his last few miserable months. Then one day, we'll only remember the handsome and sleek black cat whom we belonged to.

*Good Luck and Good Night* 


Layla said...

Oh no! I am so sorry! He was such a lovely cat. Losing a dear pet is hard, I'm sorry that you had to experience it so soon. The pain will get easier and you will remember the happy times. Prayers sent to you.

Anonymous said...

Coucou Marie, sorry pour votre perte. Aucun doute qu'il soit maintenant au paradis. Courage et gros bisous. Jo

Myrna said...

I read just the title and knew...so sorry about Byerly. I have known and loved so many cats, and I hope they are all in cat heaven, too.