Knock, Knock!

Today was a true wintry day in Northern Brittany.

Strong Northern wind. Low skies. Heavy clouds and lots of rain. Rough leaden sea.

Popeye spent his whole day (most of the day anyway) fixing things on his boat (safe in the harbor) while I stayed home... reading.

I couldn’t think about doing anything else than reading a... thriller.

Early afternoon, someone knocked at the glass door. It sounded weird, real weird... like this someone was knocking on the glass using his/her nails.

Kind of spooky because there was no one outside and whenever I’d stand up from my very comfy armchair to have a better look outside, the  noise would stop instantly.

As I mentionned earlier, I was by myself in my very isolated home... right in the middle of an extraordinarily gripping thriller.

Ever since I have made up my mind to stay home all by myself, I try to keep cool whatever happens. Things do happen or happened at Les Tertres. Weird things. Bad things even.

I’m still well and alive! I keep cool. I have to.

This "Knock, knock" («Toc, toc, toc») was bothering me though especially since it always stopped as soon as I’d stand up. It would start again as soon as I’d sit down again.

I only had one issue. I had to get much closer to the door and remain as still as I could.

Well, it worked.

There she was. A beautiful female bullfinch. She’d fly to the door handle and once  perched there, she’d knock on the glass pane with her beak.

«Toc, toc, toc,» she'd go.

She’d look inside and then again: «Toc, toc, toc.»

It was very funny. She looked so determined to get inside I was wondering whether or not I should open the door to let her in.

I tried to take pictures. She was a little bit shy... But as soon as I’d sit back down on my armchair, she’d come back.

«Knock, knock.»

She kept at it all afternoon long. She’d fly away and she’d come back a few minutes later...

Have you ever tried to read a book while a bullfinch knocks repeatedly at your glass door?

Since she obviously was in no danger to hurt herself (besides the fact she would end up exhausted), I let her have fun. Even though she was getting on my nerves from time to time. The price to pay to live among birds who are friendly enough to knock at your door.

When you live where I live, nothing seems strange to you after all.

Popeye came home. Time to drive him to the station. While he was getting ready, I decided to close the shutters of that door. They are heavy and hard to close when Northern winds are blowing.

I went outside and grabbed the first shutter. I turned back towards the living room and there I was... well not me... my reflection...

The poor bird had been trying all afternoon long to get rid of another bird - herself actually.

She had not been knocking at the door after all. She had been pecking, pecking and pecking... the unknown bird on the other side of the door!

I had been the witness to a very mild replay of «The Birds

Spooky, spooky.

Tonight I’ll make sure all the shutters are closed. Just imagine!

*Good Night, and Good Luck*


Myrna said...

Loved this post!--much better than "The birds", which scared me so badly that I really kept my eye on the birds when I went outside. Fun that you got a chance to look at things from the same point of view the bird had! :o)

Bruce said...

I didn't even think of "The Birds" when that pigeon hit me. All I said was stupid bird quit hitting people. It is funny the way things look on the other side of the "Looking Glass". Like the way children (other critters like birds, dogs, cats, etc. even grownups) behave when they think no one is looking. Wish we all had the ability to look through the glass to see what others see. Maybe the world would be a better place.