Bastille Day (July 14th) - So much sun and so much fun in Northern Brittany

Whoever claimed that Northern Brittany is cold, rainy and dreary, even in July, missed a lot today.

Whenever the day starts out very foggy, it’s always a good sign. When clearing away, the fog will bring either a perfectly sunny day or a lot of rain.

Considering the drought Brittany is going through right now, Popeye and I, we thought that a little bit of rain would be welcome... This was a well-meaning thought. A noble thought.

Because actually, we were very much wishing for a very sunny day since the 14th of July «week-end» will only last four days and we badly needed four sunny days to enjoy a little bit of rest.

It’s always easier to feel better when it’s sunny outside, isn’t it?

Well anyway, we were very selfishly craving warm and sunny weather...

And sunny it was! It will rain tomorrow... probably.

After doing thousands of things that needed to be done, I finally convinced Popeye it was just about time to get down to the beach. The tide was coming in. I wanted to take a walk on the beach. Not on the beach because I’ve been taking walks on the beach all year long. I wanted to take a walk and go swimming. It looked like a perfect day for swimming.

Imagine. A perfect day for swimming... in Northern Brittany... on the 14th of July!

Popeye had definitely set his mind against swimming. He was not wearing his swimming trunks! OK. The wind was a northern wind, a little bit chilly, especially on the beach.

I started to walk barefeet on the sand. Then I walked right into the sea... up to my ankles, then up to my knees. The water was deliciously warm...

I loved it so much that our walk didn’t last long. Popeye volunteered to wait for me on the dry sand... and watch over my clothes and beach towel.

There was no way to entice him to come along and have his first summery swim! (He said that next time, he would bring his diving suit... which is something he’s done more than once, believe me!)

It was a wonderful experience... Can you believe that I had not been able to swim for the longest time? (Due to this stupid boating accident, more than a year ago in May.)

I had taken our small waterproof camera along probably because I felt that I might need a proof to convince some friends who don’t like Brittany at all that it is possible to swim in the Channel, late in the afternoon!

The water was so warm that it felt almost tepid. No kidding!

And I discovered that I could swim again. Really swim! No pain... not even the smallest discomfort.

I was so elated! So many dark clouds over my head lately and now I could swim again!

And I could take pictures just for fun...


Don’t you wish you had spent the 14 juillet (Bastille Day) in Northern Brittany on a beach called «Les VallĂ©es» («The Valleys»)?

Hope you had a wonderful day too!

*Good Luck, and Good Night*


Nancy said...

Happy Bastille Day! I'm so glad you got to enjoy a nice, warm swim! :)

Myrna said...

Yes I DO wish I had been able to spend Bastille Day on the beach in Brittany with you! I love the beach, and I love you!