How my mother survived after getting H1N1 from... her neighbours' cat

Yesterday, my sister called me to let me know that our mother had been suffering from a «bad case of H1N1».

My mother and I haven’t been getting along for quite a long time, maybe from the time I was too stupid to get cancer and twice to boot but maybe even before that! Communicating has been getting harder and harder.
So my sister usually calls me about what’s going on "down South".

It had to be H1N1, she said, because our mother was running a high fever. She had even called the doctor.

«If it really is H1N1, does she have any idea whom she got it from?», I asked.
«Oh yes, from the neighbours’ cat!»

Ok, I do not want you to think that my sister is kind of a retard but that’s exactly what she said.

Well, you see, the neighbour’s cat is a «mean» thing always trying to get into our mother’s house just to bother her and her cats.

The neighbours are both working in their medical analysis laboratory and last week, one of them got kind of sick... probably the FLU since everybody in France is bound to get the FLU, so they say. No kidding.

In France, we have no economic crisis, almost no problems at all. We are the happiest people in Europe, in the world even. Well, if you don't believe me... I'll quit blogging for sure.

But we have the FLU with the world strongest growing percentage of daily cases. We are doing even better than the Brits (excuse my French) and this is quite a victory over them when you think that they almost defeated us in the Middle Ages.

Now I’m truly shuddering when I think about this poor cat being held guilty of passing on H1N1 to my mother since now we have somewhere in Southern France a mutant H1N1 germ!!!

In Egypt, they killed all their hogs. In France, will they start killing cats and dogs and birds and you name it in order to stop the epidemic?

They will if I can’t make my sister understand that the neighbour is probably the «guilty party» and not her cat...
I’ll keep you posted.

«Good night, and good luck»

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Myrna said...

I hope that your mom is feeling better soon--and that the poor neighbor's cat is exonerated from any passing of the flu virus!