My Travel Book - Is there a difference between Nice and a "small" town in Mexico?

I'm not a great traveller. My husband does travel a lot. For his job. The problem is that usually the plants he goes to are way off touristic areas. Good thing too! Let's take their plant in Mexico. It's right in the middle of nowhere, in a montaneous desertic area... The nearest town is quite big tho and it has an airport. A small one, a scary one. I know about how scary it can be because my husband has experienced many bad landings there. Well it is not very appealing to me. So I stay home, wherever home is at that time. 

Last spring, we went to Nice where our son is currently working.
Nice has one of the busiest airport in France. A plane lands or takes off every two or three minutes. The problem is that the Nice airport is really, really close to the sea and this can be scary too. You feel like you're bound to crash into the sea or when you take off, you just hope the plane will take off on time from the runway!

My son has a very good friend from India who is scared of water. A couple of weeks ago, he had to fly to Nice. I called him to know how he was feeling.
"Well, he said, I was not afraid at all. I knew that I'd drown right away if the plane didn't make it safely on the runway."

This is what you call "Oriental wisdom".

"Good night, and Good Luck"

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